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Monkey Tea Party

25 September 1974
I am not looking to add new friends at this time.

animal rights, anything about parrots, aqua everything, awesome women, beautiful broken toys, broken antique music boxes, crappy old cartoons, dead flowers, drinking v8 with pretzels, eating all the olives, flighted birds, frail paper, kisses from beautiful ladies, lady hips, light pink skirts, lime green tumblers, little kid bed sheets, loving the unloveable, making up recipes, messy hair, other people's fetishes, parrot rescue, parrots flying, pink rope, polyamory, rusty metal things, savory breakfast foods, soup, spray paint on canvas, strapless dresses, tall men carrying umbrellas, the colors of mold, the cure, the smiths, using other's showers, vegan food, very girly boys